TP Link App – Insight into TP Link Tether & Deco App

About TP Link App

Are you one of those users who mostly stay outside their homes rather than inside them because of exploring work opportunities or regular traveling? Is this making it difficult for you to manage your TP-Link extender network remotely? Well, you will be glad to know the company has come up with an amazing solution through which you can do network management at your fingertips, i.e. the usage of the TP Link app.

What Are the Two Types of TP Link Apps?

There are some users who use a regular wireless range extender in order to satisfy their internet-related needs whereas some prefer a more high-profile one for the same. The good thing is that both types of extenders can be managed remotely. How? Well, for each extender, a specialized app is there. To manage regular extenders, you can use the TP Link Tether app and for the mesh extenders, the TP Link Deco app can be put to use.

On this page, starting from the benefits provided by the TP Link apps to how to download them, everything has been outlined. Given this, continue reading.

Starting With TP-Link Tether App

The TP Link Tether app is the easiest way to remotely manage the network of not just your extenders but also wireless routers, and xDSL routers via your iOS and Android devices.

Apart from setting up parental controls, this app provides a simple interface for you to check the status of your device and tweak other settings. You will also get alerted of any firmware updates to ensure the best and most advanced WiFi experience in your home.

Downloading TP-Link Tether App

Considering you have become aware of the advantages you will get your hands on if you use the TP Link app, the time has come for you to learn how to down it.

Here are the instructions that can be followed to execute the process:

  • Unlock your mobile device in case you have locked it.
  • Access the Play or App Store.
  • In the search bar, enter TP-Link Tether app.
  • Tap the Search icon.
  • Once the results appear, select the required application and tap Download.
  • In some time, your mobile device will find the app installed on it.
  • The next step is for you to log in with the aid of the TP-Link ID.
  • Register first in case you have not.
TP-Link Tether App

Now, you are free to use the TP Link Tether app to manage your home network and customize the settings of your wireless range extender as per your requirement.

Concluding With TP Link Deco App

Painting your home with WiFi is very easy if you have a mesh extender installed. However, what about its management? How will that be done? Well, this is where you bring the TP Link Deco app in the picture, as mentioned at the start of this page.

Once you have accessed the mesh network with the aid of this TP-Link Deco app, you will have instant access to check every connected device, manage your kid’s online activities, and do much more all from the palm of your hand.

Apart from this, you will be able to get these benefits:

  • Find the best spots to place additional Deco units for maximum coverage.
  • Block unwanted devices with just a tap.
  • Control the WiFi network without the use of a computer.
  • Check the network speed at a glance.
  • Detect potential threats and receive warnings before anything gets out of hand.
  • Run network performance tests.
  • Make room for more family time with the Schedules.
Concluding With TP Link Deco App

For your information, the features of the TP Link Deco app may vary from model to model as well as the software version. Thus, check the user manual of your mesh extender to understand which of the above benefits you can get.

What Will Come After Downloading TP-Link Deco App?

The process of downloading both TP Link apps, i.e. the TP Link Tether app and TP-Link Deco app is more or less the same; the reason why we have not specially mentioned the process of downloading Deco. In this section, you will find out what will come next once you are done with the installation process. Keep reading.

Once you access the app and are done setting up the network, you will come across the Home Page. Three tabs will be visible there:

  • Network
  • Parental Controls
  • More

In the Network tab, you will configure all the network and device settings. In the Parental Controls tab, you can set rules for your kids to regulate their online activities. And in the More tab, you will easily be able to configure other advanced settings like QoS, WPS, etc.

To know more about what all settings you can tweak, here is the info that you need to read:

Monitor Deco Networks

  • Check the network status
  • Reboot or delete the network
  • Change the owner of the network

Manage Your Decos

  • View Deco connections
  • Check the clients of each Deco
  • Edit the name of the device

Enable HomeShield Pro

  • Enable protection against attacks
  • Stay updated on security details
  • Get network recommendations

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