TP Link Troubleshooting Guide – Reset Extender | Update Firmware

TP Link Troubleshooting Guide

It has been found that users face various issues while using their TP Link WiFi range extenders, be they are related to setup or login. If you are also struggling with various TP Link extender issues, then this TP Link troubleshooting guide is of great help.

In this Tp-link wifi extender troubleshooting guide, we have listed various tips and tricks implementing which you can get rid of the most TP Link extender issues in a matter of minutes. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s give you a nudge on various TP-link wifi extender troubleshooting tips.

TP Link Extender Troubleshooting

No matter which TP Link extender model you own, the TP Link Troubleshooting guide is feasible to work for all models. So, without further ado, walk through the TP Link extender troubleshooting points given below and get all your extender issues fixed in no time.

TP Link Extender Troubleshooting
1. Reboot Extender

Your extender could be victim of technical glitches from time to time. To get them fixed, there is no need to ditch the device instead, reboot your extender by unplugging its cable from the power outlet.

This will turn out to be one of the best TP Link troubleshooting tips for you, when it comes to fixing technical glitches.

2. Keep Interference Away

Another trick in our TP Link troubleshooting guide is to keep interference-causing devices away from the reach of your router as well as extender. This is needed, if you are unable to set up or log in to your extender.

You are suggested to place your extender in the central area of your home and away from things like Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, baby monitors, refrigerators, reflexive surfaces, aluminum studs, cellular phones, etc. If this TP-link wifi extender troubleshooting tip is not letting you get rid of your extender issues, then head towards the next point.

3. Change WiFi Channel

Changing WiFi channel of your range extender can help if you are experiencing slow internet issues with your range extender. In that is the case, without further ado, try this TP Link extender troubleshooting tip and improved the speed of your WiFi in a matter of minutes. While changing the channel of your extender, however, keep in mind to choose a channel that is not overcrowded.

4. Relocate your TP Link Extender

Perhaps your TP Link extender is placed too far from the range of your router that is why creating issues for you. Thus, we suggest you place your extender within the range of your router. Apart from that our TP-link wifi extender troubleshooting guide suggests that you locate the extender in the central area of your home as well as in open. Better if you can place the device on a tabletop or mount it on wall.

5. Update TP Link Firmware

TP Link firmware upgrade process can also do wonders when it comes to fixing various extender issues. By upgrading the firmware of your TP Link extender to the latest version, you can take the performance of your device to an optimal level.

Here ends our guide on TP-link wifi extender troubleshooting tips. If you don’t know how to do TP Link firmware upgrade, then check the next section for complete assistance.

TP Link Firmware Update: Step-by-step Guide

Before hopping up to the steps to update the TP Link firmware, let us give you a brief description of what firmware is.

A firmware is software embedded in your device that enhances the performance of your WiFi repeater. If updated timely, it fixes bugs and errors and also introduces new security features. Therefore, updating the TP Link firmware is ideal for the streamlined performance of your TP link repeater. Now, without any further ado, walk through the below-listed instructions to know how to do TP Link firmware upgrade using the manual method:

How to Update TP Link Firmware Manually

  • Plug your TP Link WiFi extender into an active power socket and press the Power button.
  • Grab an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the TP-Link repeater and another to the existing router.
    Note: You are also free to connect your extender and router wirelessly if not having access to an Ethernet cable.
  • Now, open your PC and launch any web browser on it. However, make sure you access the internet browser that is updated to the latest software version.
  • Navigate to the browser’s settings and clear the browser’s cache, cookies, and browsing history from it for avoiding any issues while updating the firmware of your device.
  • Thereafter, download the firmware for your TP Link extender on your PC at a suitable location.
  • Once done, open a new tab on the web browser and type into it.
  • Press Enter to go to the TP Link extender login page.
  • Once there, use the login details to proceed further.
  • Thereafter, click on System Tools.
  • Select the Firmware Upgrade option and click the Browse button.
  • Choose the TP Link firmware file and upload it.
  • Click the Upgrade button.
  • Your TP Link firmware will update.
TP Link Firmware Update

In this way, you can update the firmware of your device and intensify the WiFi performance. Just in case, you fail to get success with the TP Link firmware upgrade process, have a look at the following TP Link troubleshooting hacks.

Can’t Update TP Link Firmware?

If you are unable to get success with the TP Link firmware update process even after following the steps given above, try the TP Link extender troubleshooting tips given below:

  • Do not perform any background activity on your computer while executing the TP Link firmware update process.
  • Download the correct firmware version for your TP-Link extender on your PC.
  • Avoid disconnecting the Ethernet cable from the extender as well as the router while updating the TP Link firmware on your extender.
  • Unplugging the extender from the wall socket during the TP Link firmware update process is also forbidden.
  • If wired connection has been established between your router and extender, the make sure the cable connecting your device is not worn out from any point.

These are the possible TP link extender troubleshooting tips to help you get success with the TP link firmware upgrade process. If still you are unable to make the most of your TP link repeater, then probably your device is not configured in a proper manner. In that case, you need to reset TP Link extender to the default settings and then configure it again. Just in case you don’t know how to reset TP Link extender, below given section can be of great help.

How to Reset TP Link Extender?

TP Link Extender Reset
  • Ensure that your TP-Link repeater is getting a fluctuation-free electricity supply.
  • Once ensured, start looking for the Reset button on your repeater.
  • The moment you find the Reset button, carefully press it.
  • Your TP-Link extender will get restored to the factory default mode.
  • Now, set up your repeater from scratch by accessing the web address. If you don’t know how to perform WiFi extender setup, contact our experts immediately!

As soon as your WiFi device gets configured, consider changing its password from default to personalize and updating the TP link firmware to make the most of it.

You can also reset TP Link extender using the soft reset process if the steps listed above are not working for you. Here’s how:

Reset TP Link Extender Using Soft Reset Method?

  • Make sure your TP Link extender is plugged into a working wall socket and the power button of it is set to the on position.
  • Also, confirm if the extender is connected to the home WiFi router in the proper manner.
  • Once done, open a web browser on your computer and type in the address field.
    Note: If the default web address of your TP Link extender is not taking you to the login page, consider using the default IP as an alternate.
  • Hitting the Enter key, you will find yourself on the login page of your TP Link range extender.
  • Reaching there, type in the default login details of your device and select Login to access the web management page.
    Quick Tip: If you have changed the login details of your extender after setting it up, then bear in mind to use the changed login details for the successful login of the device.
  • As soon as you find yourself on the dashboard of your TP link extender, navigate to Settings and locate the Reset TP Link extender option.
  • Hit the button, you will then be asked to confirm your selection.
  • So, do the same by hitting Yes.
  • And there you are! Your TP Link extender will get restored to default settings.
    Note: The process to reset TP Link extender may take some time, so we advise you don’t lose your patience while executing the process.
  • Once your WiFi extender is set to its default settings, configure it again and see it works the way you want.
Need More Assistance?

We hope that the tips listed on this TP link troubleshooting guide will prove to be of great help when it comes to getting the best out of your range extender.

Just in case, something is still troubling you, we advise you get in touch with our technical experts for quick assistance. FYI, our tech professionals are 24×7 available to help you fix various TP Link extender issues.

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